horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Deer oh Deer...

Where has the weekend gone?

Better day today at least. Up early to let Mel lie-in in peace - I hopped in the car to Aberlady, and found I had the reserve entirely to myself (save for a couple of joggers in the hour I was there). I'd gone hoping for Water Rail, which have been seen a lot by the Marl Loch recently, but no joy. But I did get a nice close shot of a Blackcap, and found myself surrounded by Fieldfares, and enjoying the company of a regally posed Kestrel. And then there were these ladies, looking nervously over for the reassurance of the Stag on the other side of the path (complete with fluffy antlers).

The day's chores are too dull to enumerate, but I've worked in 'me' time along the way, including sitting out with the chooks for an hour or so while keeping tabs on the Newcastle game (our two Dembas proving their worth on their return from the African Cup of Nations). Even managed to grab shots of each in similar poses for comparison (how rock n' roll is that?).

A nervy chicken, she simply refuses to be picked up. When she first arrived (with Ruby) she was bottom of the pecking order (despite being the biggest). When Margot died she seized her chance and rose to the top of the order. She'd finally worked out she had the weight advantage over the others.

Miss Hennypenny
One of our original two chickens - slipped below Skye in the pecking order when Margot died (Margot had been at the top, but Missy was sort of her 'enforcer'). We don't get eggs from Missy anymore, although she's had a new lease of life after being put in at nights with Ruby.

Laidback, friendly, scraggly. She was beautiful when we first got her, her black feathers have a lovely dark green tinge. But it also appears she may have arrived home with us ill - since then she's been our best layer, but seems to put all of her effort into the eggs rather than her feathers. Trying to work out how to encourage growth in her bald patches! She seems the most intelligent of the three, and has worked out that if you're digging in the garden there are all sorts of treats to be found in the turned earth. She's also dead each to catch and pick up.

Now waiting for my brother to pop by on his way back north, and pondering putting the marinade together for tonight's Hunan Lamb. Then ironing. Then work tomorrow.

Like I said, where'd the weekend go?

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