Waterfoot Sunrise

By alasdairb

Mist in the Distance

A lovely day here in Carradale with bright blue skies and not too cold. Travelled down to Campbeltown this morning where Mrs B had an appointment at the hospital for a minor procedure. En route we received a call from the hospital to say it would have to be postponed as the consultant's flight from Glasgow had been cancelled due to fog. That seemed a bit odd as we were basking in sunshine. However, As we looked across the Kilbrannan Sound we could see the mist lying at sea level towards the North of Arran.

I noticed from pictures posted by other blippers that there was a fair bit of fog about. Guess we were just lucky being out on the West Coast and away from it all.

While in Campbeltown I tried blipping some of the sea birds on the north side of the loch. I got quite close to some Turnstones and Oystercatchers and got plenty of blips, but they were not very sharp. I had a high speed of 1/2000th and an ISO of 1600, which I thought would be OK. I seem to remember reading in a review of my camera that the quality of definition gets poorer above ISO 400, so I am thinking that may be the problem. Probably also a case of not being used to blipping in bright sunlight!

So instead of a Turnstone, today's blip is of a misty Arran sandwiched between the blue sky and a field full of dry rushes, or rashes as the farmers call them here in Kintyre.

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