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By ajt

Crêpe and Salted Caramel

Today has been flat and miserable. I couldn't think of anything exciting to blip all day. I decided that I couldn't take yet another macro shot of a coin that's getting a little silly.

Instead I thought I'd try food. My better half is French and makes jolly nice crêpes. Unlike Scottish/Scotch pancakes - which are jolly nice too - French ones are more akin to English ones, in that they are both very thin and wide. French crêpe are even thinner than English pancakes almost to the point of not being there.

Anyhow we have a bunch of prepared crêpe in the fridge and so for supper I spread some salted caramel on them, zapped them for a few seconds in the microwave and here is a blip of mine after one bite - so you can see the caramel oozing out.

It was very nice and though I willing to share the blip, the pancakes are not for general consumption!

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