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By ajt

Forth Bridge

I've been over the real bridge only twice, though I've had this image of it in my pocket many times.

Today hasn't been great on the photography front. We got up late and while I tried to capture some garden birds against the snow, all the snazzy ones were in a neighbour's garden. She is a nice lady, so I'm sure she would have let me sit in a corner of her garden photographing the fieldfare and other thrushes, but it was cold outside and late.

Instead I made dinner (tripe in cider) and soup for the week (leek and potato).

After all the cooking I decided it was time to have ago with the macro lens. I did some more coins, of which I picked this one. I then did some stamps, one with snow drops on, as I've failed to photograph real ones this year and a 1977 silver jubilee stamp.

Macro may not be as exciting a wildlife or as pretty as landscapes, but it can be done inside when it's cold and wet outside!

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