Englishman in Bandung

By Vodkaman


Seeing as it was such a beautiful day, with the sun shining and beating down a temperature well into the 90'sF, I decided to go for a ride up the hill on my motorbike. Plan 'A' being to find a blip, but also check out future insect hunting grounds and just generally explore the land. Exploring is not something that I ever did before joining blip. I generally just hang around the house, occupying myself with little projects, building fishing lures or jigs and tools for the same.

Once you escape the city, Indonesia becomes a rural landscape of little villages, small fields cut into the steep hillsides, small roadside stores and kiosks of people cutting a living from each other. Very picturesque and photogenic, the scenery series would take ten lifetimes, so I am reluctant to start that one, but I guess it is worth slipping a few in here and there.

As I ride further out into the country, I find that the people stare a lot more and if I turn off the main road to explore a small village, the stares become quite intense, unnerving even. But a friendly smile, a nod, a wave, call out "hi there", reciprocates many fold back at you, with beaming smiles, even a few gestures to stop and converse. I certainly am not going to run out of blips in the next hundred years.

As I was riding, I noticed a small shop counter displaying fishing tackle, so I had to stop and have a closer look, as such stores are rare. Sitting behind the counter was a young lady, rattling the keys, working the internet on a small computer. Her father (I assume) noticed me first from the mechanics workshop behind and called to her. She stood, turned and greeted me with a huge smile, introducing Ms.Agglien.

Even though I was not in the market for a fishing reel, I had her pull a few reels out and demonstrate them for me, just to prolong the experience, although, at US$5.00 for a reel, I think I will be returning. Fishing reels generally start at around US$30.00 for a cheapo.

I need to find some local fishing waters, for more blips, even helping with the insect series and to dip a line myself. I made inquiries, but the language problems made directions impossible. I guess I will sit on my bike one morning and wait for a fishing pole to pass by and follow it.

Ms.Aggy was very comfortable in front of the camera and I rattled off a dozen shots. The quality of this blip was well below par, but this blip is about the subject, not my expertise at operating the tool and I liked this shot the best. I wrote down the blip address for her to pop in later in the day and bid farewell for now, to my very cute new friend.


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