Baillie's Lamps

Outside a house not far from my home is this lamppost, which demonstrates that at one time the resident was a provost of Edinburgh. Properly termed Baillies' Lamps, I can quote Peter Stubbs, from an informative link:

Since the early-C18, Edinburgh council has installed two ceremonial lamp posts (Bailies' lamps) (sic) outside the home of the Lord Provost, either on the pavement or inside the grounds.
Certain other councillors (those who were Bailies) (sic) also used to be provided with one lamp post each outside their homes, but this tradition ended in 1975.
Now, it is now only the Lord Provost who gets the lamp posts. One of their two lamp post is removed when they demit office. The other remains in place for the rest of their life. I believe that Edinburgh's Lord Provosts, who are still living, are:

- 1977: Kenneth Borthwick
- 1984: Dr John McKay
- 1988: Eleanor McLaughlin
- 1992: Dr Norman Irons
- 1996: Eric Milligon (sic)
- 2003: Lesley Hinds
- 2007: George Grubb

And according to Peter Rivet, of Lancaster:
The form of lighting used for these depended on what was around elsewhere in the same road so c.1959 the one in Gordon Road in Corstorphine was gas, while the pair in Ravelston Dykes were electric.

Different styles of lamp standard are illustrated in this useful link:
from Terry Cox, Swanston, Edinburgh.

From this it seems that our local post seems to be pillar number 115, with the Arms of Edinburgh at the crown. Sadly, none of those illustrated matches my blip of a broken lamppost.

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