The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM

Misty far away churchy type building.

It was a bleak grey day in Bridge of Earn, but everywhere else it was clear and sunny.

Claudette went to the hospital (garage) and had a very intimate test, (MOT). Unfortunately she remains in hospital overnight, till she feels better tomorrow and they give us her certificate of official healthness (MOT certificate). So no chance for Ally to do his thang with her today and so he had to come birthday present shopping with me.

"Why do I need anything?" he asks.
"Because it's a very special one", I say.
"It's just another day", he replies.

We headed home, presentless......for now.

The blip opportunity of the year passed me by. The little old lady( at least 10 years older than I am), standing at the traffic lights, dressed in grey coat and hat, holding a mini scooter. She crossed the road as I was in the car waiting for a green light. She then nimbly hopped onto the said scooter and ZOOMED off down the pavement.

I could hardly drive off for laughing.

I would have done a U turn and gone off in search of her, had Ally not been with me. My eyes will be peeled next time I'm in Perth.

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