By strawhouse

Wedding Shoes

These are my wedding shoes. It's funny how you end up with things you don't expect: I was adamant I didn't want peeptoes and I didn't want slingbacks and they couldn't be too high.
These are peeptoed slingbacks and have 4" heels, ha ha!!!!
I need to practice walking around in them as I never wear heels.
I actually need to practice walking around in general as I'm pretty sure I broke my toe this morning....
Miss E has started tying bandages around the house to make shops (don't ask!!!!) This morning's effort was between the one of the kitchen cupboards and the legs of the breakfast bar. I did see it and stepped over it but somehow I managed to go flying and scrape and stub and crack my toes on the wooden step between the kitchen and dining room.
I actually thought I was going to pass out it was so painful. And it's been getting more painful all day. My two smallest toes are purple and swollen and painful. Did I mention that it's painful?! More painful in fact than childbirth!
As I was writhing around on the floor shouting and crying Miss E said "you should have asked me to come and open the shop". Not helpful!!!
So no gym for me tonight. Instead I ate ice cream. Purely medicinal of course!!!

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