Life, not as we see it.


Off to the Kirk!

When we arrived in Georgetown, Penang, the Hindu festival which we learned of at Batu Caves, KL, was in full swing, with hundreds of folk dressed up in their "Sunday best" and beyond. All very noisy and colourful, just as should be. ("Wee 3" please note!)
Now ensconsed in a modern Box hotel in Batu Ferringhi, a holiday resort type place, and a bit trashy. Need to get used to such, to make the budget last. Short amble on the beach tonight, and an extremely good biriani for wur tea. Meeter & greeter hailed from . . . . Yes, Glasgow, via B'ham & Ldn.
Night market has zillions of choices of trash. But verry cheap of course.
Tiger time again.

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