By sp33dway



Take all the numbers from 2 to 7, add them up (2+3+4+5+6+7) and you get 27. And 3 cubed (3x3x3) is 27.

Now is THAT madder than chips or WHAT?

Ok. Maybe not.

This is a pic of the rubiks cube I got for my 7th birthday the year they came out. By my 8th birthday I'd tried to take it apart umpteen times and remove and refix most of the coloured stickers to try and solve it. It's also been lovingly chewed by my childhood alsation-lab-cross who now resides in dogheaven, waiting patiently for me tailawaggin with her red rubber ball. To this day I can still only solve 1 side at a time.

(problem still there - and the lower half of my lens cover thingy is stuck on this pic too. Gonna have a go at removing it tomorrow, just so long as I don't scratch the lens)

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