By Bubblebeach

Lights, Camera, Action!

Tonight I took a walk along to meet Joni and Amélie at Buchanan St. They had taken a trip (Amélie's first train journey) into town from home. It was just before I left the office that a colleague mentioned that there was a hostage situation on Buchanan St in Glasgow, it seems that someone had entered the restaurant Amarone with a bomb strapped to them. Scary!

On passing the restaurant that was swarmed by this point with police, fire brigades and nosy photographers - I snapped a few pics and moved on. The one I decided upon was from a building on Royal Exchange Square, (I really loved the fact that the bulb is out on the bottom left lamp) I had the intention of posting one of the photographs but as I write this the situation is unresolved so I don't want to post a photograph at this sensitive time for someone's family.

Home now, dinner and a glass of full bodied wine. Have a great weekend y'all

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