A better blipper than me

By pingufivemins


Evening all,

and with this blip i am finally up to date with February's backblips.

A trip to Skegness was wedged into the week, which is such a pain in the posterior because it takes me so long to get there, and the roads are torturously slow with flat featureless countryside to boot.

Still armed with copious amounts of jelly beans,radio 4 extra, and plenty of screen wash i set out.

There were lots of opportunites to blip things, mainly small birds of prey sitting on telegraph poles, but no opportunity to pull in and take a photo, so you end up with a sparrow that was sitting in the hedge in our garden before i set out.

Worth noting, Jelly Beans lovely, Radio 4 extra lovely, screenwash....tastess bloody awful, buy a drink next time..cheapskate!

night all.

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