A better blipper than me

By pingufivemins

All the things she said

Evening all,

I thought it was a fairly straightforward request...

"You will ring and tell me if its snowing won't you? You live in a pretty isolated area and its a five hour round trip from Sheffield and i can't afford to get stuck....."

I asked this yesterday to a mother who lived in a very rural, very remote part of South Lincolnshire, down a difficult single track road, flanked by banks of snow piled four feet high on either side.....

She said yes, and so,

i checked for a call at 9.am, i checked at 10 after an hours drive into worsening wintry conditions, i checked again 45 minutes later when all the cars passing me were covered with blankets of snow.

By midday , i was creeping down white ribbons of road at 10 miles an hour,abandoning phone then abandoning car....and when i got there she said,

"Oh, i didn't think you'd come, its been snowing you know!!!"

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