Northern Exposure

By Northern


We've noticed that the hens wander out of their normal territory at this time of year. We assume this is because they've pretty much eaten anything worth eating in their field and go in search of tasty morsels.

I found this lady having a rootle around in the veg patch, where she is very welcome at the moment to dig it over and eat any bugs and beasties* she uncover. Problem is that if you let them do it at this time of year they then come back when you really don't want them to. Newly sown seed gets thrown all over the path as they scratch around in temptingly fine soil and tasty green shoots are nipped off just to see if they're worth eating.

So at this time of year I am often to be found chasing hens around the garden and trying to persuade them to go back to their allocated space. It's a pointless exercise but like the hens, I find it impossible to stop.

* not the worms, the worms are off the menu. Just a pity the hens don't read the menu.

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