By earthdreamer

Dan's Swimming Pool

I've been privileged to spend the day in the company of Travellersjoy exploring the wild north side of the Sheepshead Peninsular. We walked out past the house built by her friend Dan (see here), the location of which is quite sensational. The people who have settled here are made of some quite amazing stuff. The legendary Dan has built this house from stone that he has quarried here himself, with all other material having had to be carried in along a path from the road-head. I hope I get the chance one day to meet this fellow.

My blip today is of his swimming pool. A tidal pool that apparently gets quite warm on a summer's day. In the distance is the Beara Peninsular, carrying more weather than we experienced on our peninsular. Our walk started off in very mild and calm weather, but by the time we returned to Dan's house for a picnic lunch it had turned clearer and a little cooler. Shortly after we finished and drove around to the southern side the weather had quite closed in and we got some rain. Cue a Guinness! Our timing had been perfect.

We are off now for supper hosted by Freespiral. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is to be turning these virtual connections into very rich real ones. Thanks for all the wonderful hearts and comments. Once again, I hope you'll excuse my lack of commenting in order that I can make the most of the company of these totally lovely people!

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