Palm Tree Abstract

This is what a palm tree looks like after the fronds have fallen off. Steve and I took a walk this afternoon and I became fascinated with the palm bark. I took a bunch of photos and this was one of my favorites. Check it out large.

We had a quiet day today. It was time to do the wash and refill our stores. I did three loads of wash and all three of us walked over to the Fresh and Easy market just a block away. We carried shopping bags and came home with the makings of a stir fry dinner for the whole gang tonight along with all the other foods we needed to continue our stay at Dave and Nora's condo. While the was was going Steve and I played three games of Carcassonne. I should say, Steve beat the heck out of me in three games of Carcassonne. Sigh. But never mind. It's just a game.

Emmett and Jennifer and Bailey are coming over for dinner tonight. I'm making dinner and then we are going to teach them Carcassonne. Arvin doesn't like the game so he has plans to read while we all play. Should be fun.

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