MeriRand & the NW Passage

By randra

a barata

The view from Danielle, Justin, and my porch toward the communal (living room) porch, the neighbors porch, and Ipanema/Gavea beyond. Today was an excellent day, full of nothing and work and nothing some more. We did go running nearly around the lagoa.. ok... I walked a significant portion, but it made the caipirinhas afterward so much better.

The last two days have finally exposed us to our friendly neighbor, the cockroach. Sometimes he comes in uninvited. Like last night. I missed him in our room, but we were playing cards when Danielle started screaming. Xandi reported that it was your typical, tropical 1.5" long cockroach. I didn't miss the one crawling up my leg at the restaurant tonight. We were sitting out by the sidewalk. Maybe it was the caipirinha, but it didn't really bother me. Cockroaches are really fascinating creatures. While I'm glad I brushed him off, and maybe even glad that Xandi killed that one too, I don't really find them offensive- or not nearly offensive as my Pittsburgh-based neighbor the house-centipede/creepy big silverfish.

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