It Started Down Under

By dirk

Run-Through Musical

On the final day of the final working weekend of On Stage we split up in two groups after breakfast and warming up.

One group of girls went to rehearse with our director and choreographer for the 'Red Rat' scene/dance act. Meanwhile I and the other remaining cast members took about 1,5 hours to get a better understanding of the breathing techniques and ways of singing nice, clean tones for some of the classical songs in Jekyll & Hyde: the Musical.

After lunch we got dressed in our characters' suits and did a run-through of the musical as far as we got so far with our rehearsals. It was astonishing to see everyone dressed up all like this and really helped in getting a strong feeling for the zeitgeist. I loved the scenes so far and really enjoy working on it!

P.s. At this photo you see, from left to right, a horse salesman, Nelly ("floor manager" of the Red Rat) and one of the elite men in our musical.

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