An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Room with a view...

Late again tonight so another backblip!

Literally had about 5 minutes to take photos today and it was quite late in the day so this emergency blip is the view from our bedroom (in the new house). Not quite doing it justice but I look forward to shooting it again, when I have more time. I think I will enjoy chronicalling that view across the seasons as well as sitting up in bed with a cuppa on a weekend morning and just gazing out at it.

Don't feel I have achieved much today but I did manage to complete the main task I gave myself, and that was to look out old family photographs for my nephew's 21st birthday later in the week. Dear heavens, there are a few howlers!!!! They will certainly give us all a right laugh when the family gets together at D's sis's next Saturday for the big celebration. Who knows, I might even archive some of them! :-))

Look at the time! Almost 1am!! Time for lights out. Catch up with you all tomorrow. :-) xx

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