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By Damnonii

Big Blip Confession....!!!

Large if you like :-)

As far as I am aware, in all my 300 + blips, I have never blipped a cat.

There's probably a number of excuses for this oversight - not owning a cat, not knowing anyone nearby who owns a cat, not having any stray cats in the vicinity.....etc etc but for all the excuses I could come up with, there's really only one REASON why I have never blipped a cat, and that is because warning - confession approaching...I don't really like cats!

There. I've said it.

Don't get me wrong, I have tried to like cats, I want to like cats and when I see cat blips on here I think they are cute and lovely and it makes me want to like them even more. I can't think of anything nicer apart from having a dog! ;-))) than cuddling up with a good book and a beloved cat on your lap, purring to its heart's content as you absentmindedly stroke its ears.

But then I meet a cat in the flesh I am always reminded they are strange, aloof creatures who feign affection, turn on the charm when they want something but get their claws and teeth out as soon as look at you! I just don't trust them! ;-)

So, this cat then. This is our new neighbour's cat. I was told her's Tiddles or Widdles or Piddles or something in that vein. She's a little sweetie. Well looked after but always pop across the road when she sees you for a rub around your legs and to try and scrounge a treat. She is a devil for sneaking in your garage or the boot of your car when you're not looking and she's almost been shut in both at least twice. We only noticed by sheer fluke!

Today she came over when she spotted me out in the garden trying and failing to get to grips with me new macro lens on some moss. (I shall leave my frustrating rant at my ability to work my new equipment for another day!) She padded round my feet, rubbed against my legs, jumped up on the wall beside me, nudged my hand with her nose, all to get my attention. And when she got it, what did she do? She tried to bite my finger and the hem of my jeans!!!!

Hmph! I don't like cats!

And I still can't work the macro lens....I was supposed to be focussed on her eyes! Double Hmph!!

I hate Monday's too! *stamps foot*

Maybe THIS will cheer me up! :-))

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