An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Love is in the air....

Happy commercialised love Valentines's Day from an old cynic romantic! ;-)))

I always smile to myself on Valentines Day when I think of how important the day was in my early youth. Oh the fun in choosing Valentines cards to send to the boy of the moment. Trouble was, I would buy my card so well in advance that it would be sent to a totally different boy than who it was originally chosen for. Such is the fickleness of a 13 year old girl! :-))

And the verses....oh the Valentines verses! Every spare inch of card would be covered in a million different and personalised versions of Roses are Red, Postie Postie do your duty and many many others! Even the envelope didn't escape! S.W.A.L.K! Sealed with a loving kiss.....these days more likely a loving kick?!! :-))

And some of the rudest Valentines verses I learned from my gran!!! Hahahahaha!

Ah those were the days! :-)))

By the time D came along I was quoting Shakespeare's sonnets in my Valentines cards! I can still see his face as he struggled to make sense of what I had written! :-)))))

Today D was up and out to work before I was awake. Discovered a Valentine card and red roses in the kitchen when I went through to make lunch (slept past breakfast!!!) He's not too bad for a grumpy old man :-)))

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