The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM

First cycle escape this year

It took me over half an hour to dig my bike out of the garage.
The wood and detritis for Claudette has taken over for the past 6 months, but today I managed to make enough of an inroad to squeeze my trusty steed out. After a quick spring clean, we headed off to the loch. One of the hides ( whch was burned down), has been replaced and a completely new one created further round the track.

Unfortunately the Kingfishers were not in evidence, but fighting Goldeneye were. Is it spring already?

The afternoon saw me retrieve Claudette from the hospital (garage) after an extended operation to get her through her MOT. She is now tip top and just needs a few more nights work before a possible trial run next weekend.

Are we excited?
Possibly getting a wee stirring of a butterfly.......or is it just wind?

You will see it here first.

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