By abathingjames

FebChallenge Day 16: Toys

I was going to photograph my collection of Be@rbricks for today (designer vinyl toys), but forgot that most of them are in storage at my parents house, and the few that I have here are now in the loft until our room has been plastered and redecorated.

So I found my proper toys, my Toy Story toys. At 24 my friends say I'm far too old to have a big love of Toy Story but I think they forget that the first film was 1997-I was 9/10. It's from our time, and they are great films even though the formula is exactly the same for every one.

Unfortunately I can't find all the stands for them, and Bullseye's stand is broken so I had to find a way to arrange them. I'm also in need of a Buzz Lightyear.

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