Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

... His Royal Redness!

I don't know how the heck I get any work done on days like today! It has been non-stop action at the Bistro, probably because it's been snowing a bit which always seems to inspire avian appetites. Or maybe it is because they are all getting ready for the Great Backyard Bird Count.

I haven't photographed a northern cardinal recently (Cardinalis cardinalis) mainly because they are usually out of range, under the feeders in the shrubs. However, as I was watching the other little birds come and go, along came HRR. He very graciously perched on one of my "artfully arranged" branches on the deck before plopping down in the basket for some sunflower seeds. He's a beauty, isn't he?

I put some peanuts out this morning, which is always good for some laughs.

Tufted titmouse, always the optimist!

Jezebel Jay nabs her prize

Seymour was not to be denied either!

While the house finch looked on in utter disgust

For those wondering about all the animals and birds I blip, we live on several acres, most of it wooded. We have black bears, deer, racoons, possums, skunks and even our own ground hog (not the weather predicting variety, however.) We also occasionally see red fox and coyote. It's like freaking Wild Kingdom here...

For you bird-lovers, get ready for the Great Backyard Bird Count, which starts tomorrow and runs through Monday!

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