Waterfoot Sunrise

By alasdairb


Another grey and wet day, which really is a shame as there are lots of signs that Spring is here. In the garden most of the bulbs we planted in the Autumn are now through with some in bud. Lots of signs of growth in the roses and shrubs, so I will just have to hope we don't get too many hard frosts that might damage them. On the downside, the grass I sowed last Summer is starting to grow and it won't be that long until it needs cut. I think it is a combination of the mild Winter and late feed of fertilizer that's bringing on the early growth.

Been kept busy all day with inside jobs. This morning it was filleting pigeon and preparing the breasts for dinner on Saturday, when #2 son will be visiting with his girlfriend. In the afternoon it was a spot of tiling for a friend, who has a holiday home nearby.

Too wet for an outside blip and by the time the rain went off the light was fading fast. By early evening and without a blip in the camera, I was pleased to see Mrs B had bought some flowers, which are always good for a shot. So today's blip is a portrait of a rose, which was given a wee spray of water to freshen it up.

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