Waterfoot Sunrise

By alasdairb

Windswept Dunnock

After being away for a few days there were plenty of things to catch up with at home. Meeting with the builder to try and sort out the final accounts for the new house, and phone calls to the lawyer to finalise arrangements for the sale of our house in Renfrew. Hopefully, we will get everything sorted out on both fronts before heading off on holiday next month.

As for blipping, I contented myself with getting shots of birds from the kitchen window. Most of the birds were a bit shy of the camera and it was difficult to get a decent shot. However, a little Dunnock, or Hedge Sparrow as its sometimes known, appeared to be eyeing up some bushes for a nest. It spent ages sitting on the front of a bush before disappearing for a few minutes inside it. When it reappeared it would sit on the wall before again returning to the bush. It repeated this time and again, giving me the opportunity for a few shots. I settled on this one as I liked the way the wind ruffled its feathers.

The Dunnock has an interesting sex life and is one of very few birds to be polyandrous i.e.the female mates with more than one male with them sharing later parenting duties. That's what I love about Blip, you learn something new every day!

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