Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Swanning about in Kendal

Well, another lunchtime on the quest for the Kendal Three. And as will be obvious, there was no show. It wasn't just me dipping though. Willllwynbedw and Today's the Day spotted me in the Staff of Life Bakery, and they had just drawn a blank on their walk by the river.

So the compensatory blip is a close-up of the male of one of the pairs of swans that have appeared on the river since the Lake District froze over. And have you ever noticed how small a swan's eyes are relative to its head and body size? I had never noticed the black angled band extending down the orangey-red bill before. The male is distinguishable from the female by the much larger black knob at the base of the bill.

Maybe I'll try stopping on the way to work tomorrow, early morning may be more productive for otter spotting than lunchtime has been.

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