I/we got carried away.

First try was a couple of bumper-stickers reading ...
1. Do not steal ... The government hates competition.
2. I live in my own little world, but it's O.K. everybody knows me here.

So. After the weekly Morrison we'd away up to Carlisle ''For a book or two''.
Does it look like a book to you?

Next came White-van-man bearing the silhouette of a well known animal, the words ''rhino training", a Glasgow 'phone number and the ubiquitous www.@£$%^& Wasn't MEANT to be a link but the  @ was recognised & acted upon by software.

Then we had a Haynes' manual sequel to SS-1701 (?)
''Millennium Falcon. Modified YT-1300 Corellian Freighter''

I'm just a touch fed up with the concept of carrying 2 bags around: 1 day sack for books, odds and sods, etc. and one for camera-tackle.
I also wasn't too chuffed at said camera-tackle, potentially, rumbling around loose in Day-sack. Ergo, we went for a look at some purpose built ones, shot this to take home and compare different ones online. Then common sense got shelved and we walked out with this one.

The swipe machine refused the card thrice, for no other reason that ''Failed to connect'' which it had been doing all p.m. apparently.

''Right-o do we raid the bank or have a whip-round?''
Gaffer raided her purse, I raided my wallet, we bought it, we raided the bank and ''The Man'' may conceivably be a camera bag to the good, if it's bigger than his current one.

One of these days I MAY discovered whether any of these jaunts are genuine, or merely excuses to ''coddle my mollies''.

You can coddle my mollies any time me old lass.


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