What did I see today...?

By DaveR

Fly Away Home

Spring... it was here yesterday, right?

Well the birds certainly seem to think so, they're all coming back in droves, I managed to catch this flock as I was waiting for the bus this afternoon.

Why was I waiting for the bus when Old Faithful is repaired do you ask? Or don't... Well it's quite simply because now I'm finally moving out of the house the damn thing is falling apart even more quickly. So far my landlord has had to fix the shower, the toilet, the ceiling - and it's a good job I didn't leave when everyone else did or he would have missed the massive leaks they all made.

So, imagine my complete lack of surprise when I woke up in the cold this morning as the boiler done broke itself. The pilot light wouldn't reignite no matter what I tried, and seeing as my convector heater broke over the winter (two years of faithful service!) I had to pick up another one today... and because it's the size of a small radiator I couldn't cycle home, hence the bus.

Still, from a Blip point of view, worked out well :-D

(And the boiler repair guy is swinging by tomorrow morning before the radio show)

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