Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Dr. Daylight

This is Dr. Daylight - he's been working in the bush for 40 years and can do anything with a chainsaw and a tree. He comes from another island in his boat and in 3 hours he climbed and trimmed a bunch of trees in front of the cabin, took care of felling some problem trees we couldn't deal with, and cut 2 cedars and a fir near the cabin. You can see the one on the left in back of the cabin on it's way down - in precisely the right spot! When we built this cabin in 1992 we were such tree huggers we wouldn't cut down any trees not absolutely necessary for the small footprint we needed. Now when I watch some of the tall firs waving over my head from my bed, I'm wishing we had removed a few more near the cabin! There is no shortage of trees! But we've only had Dr. Daylight come 3 times--enough trees come down on their own for firewood (like the one that totaled our little metal shed last year...) He's here 3 hours and it takes us 3 weeks to clean it all up! Son #1 and family will be here sunday to help -hopefully!

Then he went to our friends down the island (Islandcat's) for the 3 hour afternoon, but the wind was coming up and predicted very strong and he says being out on the water in a small boat is the only thing that scares him (imagine that, with what he can do high up a tree with a chainsaw!)- so I think that got rescheduled...

Time for the sauna......

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