Seeing as I am

By seeingasiam

Where to Begin?

You have to admit...Noodles does pretty good pile-ups. That tow truck is going to have its work cut out!

This impromptu little still-life display, which appeared on the kitchen table after supper, illustrates three out of four of Noodles' passions: multi-car pile-ups, tow trucks and towers. The other passion, his growing car transporter collection was assembled on the floor underneath the table so didn't make it into the frame today!

I wanted to blip H in his new gymnastics outfit but he took it off before I could grab the camera, because he didn't want to get it dirty :-) He has the Senior Boys outfit now: stirrup leggings, leather slippers and a proper club hoody! He looks so grown up. I'll get him to pose for me some time in the next week. This major rite of passage deserves a bit of recognition! He reckons the oufit makes him run faster and jump higher...who'd have thought it?

The big geek and the little geek have been progamming today. They set themselves little geeky programming projects and turn my dining room into their workshop. I turn a blind eye as long as it's turned back into my dining room by bed time. Today they have been making lights flash in sequence. I get called in periodically to admire little geeks efforts (under the guidance of big geek). 'LOOK MUMMY,' says little geek. I look...*blink*...*blink*...*blink* go the lights. 'Erm...lovely,' I venture. 'Very clever.'
'BUT MUMMY LOOK NOW!' Little geek can barely contain himself. He types something into the computer and...*blink*...*blink*...*blink,blink* 'WHAT do you think of THAT then?' asks little geek proudly, 'Thrilling,' I say, arranging my face into 'amazed' mode...mothers develop the gift of sounding enthusiastic fairly early on in their child's development...right around potty-training time if I remember. It still comes in handy from time to time!

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