The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

C Is For ... Coot

The second bird of the rail family I have blipped this week, after Thursday's Water Rail.

This is of course a Coot. The white featherless plated bit on the front of the head, is used to fending off rivals during the breeding season. It also, of course, gave rise to the saying "as bald as a coot.."

Cracking day today. I am no longer sure if these things are blip meets or tweet ups. But for the record, Barman58, WelshSi and of course our house guest, Bevosity.

Despite the fact it was chucking it down when we left, we put our faith in the weather forecast that said it would clear up by early afternoon, and indeed it did!

It was nice having a stroll along the Uskmouth Estuary and getting some fresh air into my ever improving lungs!

Whilst me, Dawn and Nigel (Barman58) were chatting by a fence, we happen catch a bird rise from the reed beds and drop back down ... it was unmistakably a Bittern! A reserve tick for me. The chances of seeing it there again are remote, if the one at Slimbridge is anything to go by!

A meal with my mum and dad and their friends topped off an excellent day, and went some way to making up for the wipe out that was the start of the week!

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