Dutch Skies

By ronbuist

Shelf Ice on IJsselmeer

Shelf ice on IJsselmeer near Hindeloopen, Frisia, The Netherlands.

Remember last week's blip? When thaw sets in and winds coming from the right direction, the ice shelves on the IJsselmeer form huge ice hills at the coast near Hindeloopen. Knowing this, we just had to go there today...

Since we also knew that the last couple of days there had been huge crowds at Hindeloopen, we decided not to go for a sunset and go for an early sunrise instead. Of course, this meant I had to get out of bed at silly 'o clock, or 4.45 to be exact. For some reason, I was already awake before that. At 5.30, Ton arrived and we got into my car to pick up Herman. We arrived on the scene before sunrise but we were not alone. Several other photographers were already roaming around. Once the sun made an appearance, lots more people arrived so we left.

Another fabulous photo shoot; thanks Ton and Herman for a great time.

More images from this shoot on my blog entry 'Mountains of Ice'.

Lots better when viewed bigger!

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