horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

A Foxy Triple Bill

This morning's wander was to be my 'free' time before launching into the day's tasks, but despite the beautiful sunshine I just wasn't feeling inspired. The I heard a woodpecker drumming in the distance, so set off in pursuit. To no avail, but a young couple walking their dog, seeing the camera, set me on the trail of five sunbathing foxes. By the time I'd stopped snapping, about 100 shots in total, there were 7. Tucked away in plain view, a wee distance away, but despite the lens problems I can still manually focus it thankfully (tomorrow it gets sent to Sigma to be looked at).

The couple re-appeared having walked the dog in the park and watched for a while with me, explaining they were always in this particular spot, save for thirty minutes or so when the schoolkids are let loose. So with mating season having been January/February I'm going to keep scoping this out in the hope of some cub shots...

So to work in the garden with a new raised bed made and painted, and the old ones spruced up. This'll take us to four raised beds, plus the greenhouse, and then the eggs from the chooks.... We're well on the way to the Good Life....

Managed to get Mel out for a spin in the car for a short while as well - making it as far as Aberlady, taking in a different angle from a car park beside the Kilspindie golf course - lovely lovely spot, and really close to the various waders and ducks that abound. I'll be back.

Lamb shanks are now cooking as we 'type'; I'm about to make some kedgeree which will be lunch on Tuesday (tomorrow will be leftover lamb); and need to crack some crab claws I bought yesterday so I can freeze the meat for next weekend. All needs done today because tomorrow Mel is back to work for the first time, so I'll be car/bike combo-ing, and almost as soon as I have her home from the office I've got to shoot over to Lanarkshire for our Taiko performance. I'll be late, but I've asked them to wait till I arrive for us to go up!

Best get on...

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