An Irish Guy Abroad


All quiet on the North Western Front

Innocuous or an Insidious torture device. I think if you are familiar with the Bop-It then you already know the answer. Imagine my delight when I got up yesterday to find Cath and my niece playing on an imaginary Bop-It. There was lots of shouting Flick It, Twist It, Bop It and Muppet. The cry of Muppet was usually followed by screams of laughter as one or the other shouted back no you are the Muppet. You might well think this was in no way any better but the utter joy lifted the situation to a magical status.

I think Cath is a bloody genius, I can't wait to see what happens next weekend when my brother Conor and sister in-law Nuala arrive with three kids.

It might be that the Bop-It will be dropped down the attic stairs.

Drop It, Drop It, Drop It you Muppet.

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