An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Experiment! Experiment! Experiment!

Well thank you so much for the hearts, stars and comments on yesterday's feather. I was a tad cold by the time I was taking that shot so I am amazed any of it was in focus!

Now that Sleepyhead has made things a little clearer for me with his patient explanations, I feel a little more confident and have taken his advice and left my camera dial on manual and I'm going to experiment to my heart's content!

Apologies in advance for the possible shots that might get blipped as a result but I am determined not to return to the safe haven of Apperture mode, unless there is a sound reason for it (I may of course not know when there is a sound reason! ;-) I think I have been so hung up on taking a "good"photograph and getting things right and following all the rules, that I have been afraid to just let rip and go with the flow with my camera and see what happens.

Of course now that I have embraced this hippyesque approach to photography, the weekend is gone and I am back to having about 20 mins tops per day to play with my camera so roll on the weekend when I can hopefully have a little longer (although realistically, until the building work is done and the house move complete, time is always going to be tight!)

Too cold, wet and miserable to go outside with my camera today so it was the turn of a little African Violet that sits on my kitchen window sill to pose alluringly for me. It boiled down to the choice ot two shots but I chose this one as it typifies for me the areas I was loosely playing about with today, which were focal point and DOF incase it's not obvious! ;-) Plus I liked the hairy fluffiness of it. :D

It's freezing up here!! Hope everyone's having a cosy Monday in! xx

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