By Runhills


A couple of weeks ago when I blipped my book case here, those of you with very sharp eyes may have spotted a little black book in the top left corner.

It is a Book of Common Prayer, Leather bound with gold edging on the pages, the front cover has come adrift which is a shame because the rest of the book is in good condition. On the title page there is the name 'Rivingtons' and the date 1874, which I have to assume when it was printed.

Inside the front cover is an inscription 'To Joyce from Sheila, Xmas Greetings 1943'. I am not sure how this book came into my possession but my Mum had a sister called Joyce who died in the mid 60's when she was still quite young.

Tucked neatly in between 2 pages was this little flower, neatly pressed and with a bit of colour remaining.

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