Covered in Bees

By PaulFS

Computers Throughout History Part 2

Part 1 Here

When I was building computers it was always important to consider the RAM. RAM tends to look the same to the untrained eye but it's important to pick the best RAM possible with the best speed (and you definitely didn't want one with a taste for sweetcorn!!!)

To ensure the best quality RAM, trials would be held. Those of us in the know would laughing call them RAMDog Trials. When we'd stopped laughing, we'd get on with it.

On the left there's a metal pen where the RAM would wait noisily to be released. When ready you'd open the gates and the RAM would run across the board, over the Red jump, the Green Jump, over the Black water jump (we called it the RAM dip :o) ) and then through the Green Copper Hoop. Much mayhem would ensue if two RAM tried to get through there at the same time! (RAM Bottleneck....)

By this stage the winner would seem to be certain, but the return leg meant jumping onto the platforms on the right. If a RAM had peaked too soon he was considered to have overclocked too much and would usually be unable to leap to the heights needed. The first RAM to clear the third white jump and batter into the final black buffer was declared the 'battering RAM' and would be chosen for the computer.

He would earn the title Rambo the Rampant Ram.

That's it.


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