Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

About to Go

On my way from the clinic to pick up Mstr 4 from daycare this afternoon I came upon three magpies: mother, father, and their young one, it seemed. I got a photo of the juvey, but preferred this of one of its parents, moments before it hopped/flew over towards its offspring and they all headed off through the fence.

Click to enparentenate. I cropped it a little, sharpened, pulled down the RGB curve a touch on the whole image, and the luminance curve for everything except the magot-pie.

In other news, we have a roomful of new bedroom furniture. Given that the bed was 11 or 12 years old (as was the mattress) and the rest was even older, we figured it was about time - especially since one side of the bed warped in our move in 2007, and recently cracked.

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