this luminous life.

By Laura

Spit Shine Your Black Clouds.

Blood Brothers.

Look up at the sky. Ask yourselves: is it yes or no?
Has the sheep eaten the flower?
And you will see how everything changes . . .

Thunder kept me up all night.
Work all day. It's going well.
This picture was taken on the drive home.
I had forgotten to change the camera
back to color from black and white. Oh well.
AMAZING thunderstorm this evening.
I'm sure the people in the surrounding area weren't
too excited about the tornadoes, though...
Tried to watch a couple TV shows tonight,
but weather updates kept interrupting every five minutes.
It kind of angered me but then I said "screw it"
and went outside to watch the storm.
Just.... AMAZING. I wanted the power to go out. :-D
The sky went from this to this in ten minutes.
Thunder's gonna keep me up tonight, too.

[A year ago today... spider in a tube!]

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