this luminous life.

By Laura



Had an absolutely fantastic, lovely day! :)

Rob was in town for the weekend so we met up and spent a few hours at the Morton Arboretum wandering among trees and enjoying nature. The waterfall (posted blip) was one of the first areas we went to. We also wandered in the maze garden -- I was excited about this because I had been searching for a maze/labyrinth all summer. A large rock in the [mosquito-infected] woods was great for climbing and relaxing on. Our time was short but sweet. It was great seeing him and catching up with the family. I've always taken pride in being able to remain friends with past boyfriends. I enjoy hanging out with them from time to time and being reminded of the connections I've made, and what a difference I've made in others' lives. It was nice to hear today that I made Rob want to be a better person. The feeling is mutual.

Afterwards, I headed to Kyle's and spent the rest of the
afternoon/evening watching movies and playing Wii!
I feel like it's been ages since I played Wii.
I'm still pretty good at Wii bowling.... haha. :)

Dying dragonfly outside my house.
Giant bug near flower at Arboretum.
Other shot of bug -- what is this??
Rob dancing among the flowers.
Semi-candid photo of Rob.
Gingko Biloba tree.
Spider outside Kyle's house.

[A year ago today... sky at the mall.]

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