this luminous life.

By Laura

She's Hearing Voices.

Bloc Party.

I'm a bit shy about taking a picture of my hearing aid but here you go. I wear a hearing aid in each ear. Without them I can only hear things like airplanes, doors slamming, footsteps, etc. However, I've discovered that when I turn headphones up to maximum volume or hold my cell phone right up to my ear, I can hear the music & voices. With the hearing aids on, my hearing is almost normal. Almost. There's still a lot I can't catch. I read lips and use American Sign Language too.

The reason for blipping the hearing aid? It's been giving me problems again. The left hearing aid keeps turning off (and staying off) and I need to get it fixed. It's a major annoyance since my left ear is my better ear. When the hearing aid doesn't work, I'm pretty much deaf and can't use the phone, etc., like I'm used to. However, it seems this time is the final straw.... so I might get new ones soon.

It looks like I'm getting new everything lately.... awesome.

[A year ago today... cicadas!]

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