An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Is it bedtime yet?

Not quite sure why but I am SO tired tonight! It has taken 45 mins to upload my photo because I keep dozing off!

Got told off by Blip Stalker No 1 one of my work colleagues today for saying nothing of note happened yesterday, so I would just like to say that nothing of note happened at work again today APART from the fact the lovely Anne brought me a coffee and we had the chance to have a little catch up. (Happy now Missus? :-))

Actually had a bit of a clear out at work today. Weird throwing piles and piles of paperwork into confidential waste bags and seeing the amount of work hours they represent....all the stress and hassle connected with them at the time and there they are - out of date and no longer relevant. I'm sure there's a lesson in there somewhere but too tired to figure it out!

Home from work, rush to do Alan's dinner then out the door to be at School Parents' evening for 5pm. Thankfully all feedback positive and everyone happy with his progress. Had a short meeting with the Deputy Head at the end to update her on our visits to Alan's new school. She is delighted we have found a good school but she is devastated that he's leaving. I had a wee lump in my throat by the end of our conversation.

Stop off at Tesco on the way home for a few mid-week necessities so could someone please explain how I managed to spend the best part of £60?! And that was without buying wine!

Mad scrabble for something to blip then spotted this little leaf that blew in the door with me this evening.

Got to get my head on a pillow soon so apologies as I may not have time to comment much tonight.

On a bright note, it's the downward slide to the weekend :-)))) xxx

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