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Fernhill Wetlands / Western Grebe

I braved the weather this morning, which changed to sun just as I arrived at the Fernhill Wetlands in Forest Grove Oregon around 9AM. I took a wrong turn while hiking out and ended up having to backtrack, but next time I will certainly know a bit more about the way to see the most wildlife. I hiked for about 3 hours....yes I'm tired :)))

The refuge is some 240 acres and has three huge ponds and other areas of low water. It is fairly wide open, and huge groups of birds/ducks/geese fly in and out during the day. I saw Swans, Geese, and several species of ducks which I don't see often. There were Horned Grebe and Western Grebe, and I got several shots of the Northern Pintails. They seem to be very hard to get close to....if they see you off they fly.

I've posted other photos I took today on my Flickr page, CLICK HERE!

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