Every Day Is A holiday!

By musings

Raindrop Sort Of Day

Another rainy day in Oregon, and it sounds like the forecast isn't going to get better for a while. This does give me an excuse to stay home, get out my art supplies, and do some work. I've been fascinated with "alphabets" lately. I think the written word adds so much to an art piece...a word, a special quote, or just letters or numbers (in no particular order). So I'm doodling with alphabets, and looking at what others have done.

Speaking of "looking what others have done"...aren't we lucky to have the internet and to SHARE so many things? I marvel at how I can watch other artists do their work, or view what they are working on. This sharing of ideas really gets my juices flowing...it gives me inspiration, new ideas, and helps me come up with new ways to express myself. We truly do live in an amazing age!!

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