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My Art Opening, and a Blipmeet Of Sorts!!

I know, I know!!!! I went to my Art Opening, and posted a black and white photo?? Are you kidding?

Oh dear, I just couldn't resist, as it was the first time I had gotten to meet Kendall, a blipper from Portland. We have known each other for a long time now, but have never gotten together, so today, bless her soul, she drove out to NW Portland to see my collage works. None of my photos from today were great, but I enjoyed how Kendall studied my work and notices little nuances. No wonder her photos are genius!

I've posted some photos of the "actual artwork" and the opening on my FLICKR Site. So be sure to check those out. Kendall will be posting on her site too. And for those who want to see some of the collages, CLICK HERE!

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