Stevenson Tower

I was up at Stevenson today for the start of the third and final unit of my TQFE today. It was a good start, we got our essay outline at the outset this time round instead of towards the end so it will make it clearer how everything pieces together. I already have a fair idea of what I'm going to do for it. The topic is professional issues in FE, I think over half of my classmates are interested in analysing the potential impact of the impending white paper on FE and what priorotising 16 - 19 year olds will mean for mature students or people left in need of re-training due to redundancy.

I'm not going for that though, I think I'm going to focus on how industry expectations drive learning technology in the creative industries sector.

Before all that though it's back out to the University of Delhi on Monday to hopefully negotiate a new project with them to follow our previous successful partnership.

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