Sunny Day

Gosh, it was warm today and I totally got it wrong with my attire. The warmth of the sun kept on creeping in until it had completely taken over the day, leaving us rushing for the shade, turning our air con's on or sitting by a fan and I had dressed for the cool of Autumn  and out for the whole day - blow!

And where has the day gone? Mum and I did our weekly grocery shop, had a wander by the above lake and had a nice refreshing lunch out, followed by a peek at the beach.

The lake above is a tricky one to photograph, there are a few houses around, a busy road and many powerlines, poles and lamposts. This will be a work in progress as I'm not sold on this as yet, I will revisit.

The weed is Pacific Azolla which is a floating fern. It forms a dense red mat and unfortunately I have just missed this stage - its usually quite pretty. Fronds ovate or elliptical, branching to 30mm by 30mm. Roots are simple and hang down into the water, it reproduces mainly by frond division and the water birds like it.

I apologise for not being round the last few days, feeling quite tired and have a few allergies attacking my eyes and nose. I also have a very blocked ear and only seem to be hearing in one ear - makes for some interesting conversations! I have appreciated all your comments, hearts and stars for the last few days and also your caring thoughts for yesterday - our remembrance day,  its amazing to know the world and blippers care, thank you so very much.

Believe it or not its Friday tomorrow, not sure where the week has gone. Hope its been a great week for all - I'll be back to comments as soon as my eyes allow me, might be in small doses for a while :)

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