The Lighted Life

By Giacomo

My Night Light

I grew up in a small mining town where the tallest building was three stories high and the only way you could see the horizon was if you climbed a hill at the edge of town. Then, after graduating from a university, I was fortunate enough to get a job in New York City where my office was at the southern tip of Manhattan and the views of the horizon were endless. So, whenever I can "get high," I do. Not the drug high but the altitude high. I now live in the midwest but still am lucky enough to have workplace views well above ground level.

This is the view from our office suite blipped shortly after sunset. Unfortunately, most of the time my eyes are buried deep into my computer screen which is faced towards the center of the office and away from the windows. However, every once in a while I remember to spin in my chair and behold the beauty of my surroundings. It is especially wonderful to do such as sunrise and dusk.

I hope you all have had a fantastic Thursday. I have had a busy day and no time to journal but I hope to catch up this weekend with all of your wonderful blips.

Try the image in large and you can window peep.

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