Life, not as we see it.


Buzz off, I'm busy!

This guy is fishing in the river at Surat Thani. This river is fed by open sewers which pong summat awful. The fish are bottom feeders. Enough said.
Wandered about today and bought a new straw hat @ £3.00 less 15%, to replace one lost in transit yesterday. Some readers may recall that it had cost me 75p, somewhere in Malaysia, so lashing out on designer goods now.
There appear to be no bars in S.T. so we've resorted to Supermarket carryoots consumed in the hotel room. What lowlifes we are.
Actually seem to be a bit of a novelty here, sending crowds of neatly uniformed schoolgirls fits of giggles and enormous smiles. So, not lost my charm it would seem!!!
Off to the Bangkok sleeper this evening. 2nd class, so public sleeping. "Unaccustomed as I am to pubic sleeping . . . . . . . . "

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